» » Home depot bamboo flooring Bamboo merchandise earth friend or foe?

Home depot bamboo flooring Bamboo merchandise earth friend or foe?

bamboo was first overed and used in china about 5 000 years ago. technically cl ified as a gr it grows sooner than any other woody plant on the planet. in view that bamboo additionally needs few insecticides & fertilizers and little irrigation it has transform a well-liked environmentally pleasant development answer. in a few instances bamboo can grow up 3 or four toes per day & can achieve maturity in five eight in comparison with 30 50 years for so much timber.

as well as the environ bamboo states that bamboo reduces carbon dioxide gases; a grove can unen ber 35 percent extra oxygen into the air than a unadorned equivalent-sized plot of es. alte tively bamboo ine environ advantages are not entirely cl cut. while we know that the united states green construction council ine leed application awards issues for bamboo floors we also know that sure manufacturing approaches deforestation issues & advertising myths are clouding the problem. right here we have a look a few of the data help you make an in ed choice about the usage of this stunning material for your own home.

green decorating , decorating guides , materials , floors. the ecofriendliness of this gr for floor wall coverings and furniture isn t cut and dried. get the data here.