» » Home depot floor stain My homss: from teach depot family house in texas

Home depot floor stain My homss: from teach depot family house in texas

julie & francois levy transformed a run-down 1904 teach depot into a unadorned family home the usage of a unadorned even handed mix of conventional and brand new parts. it s "brand new in its scale & openness but conventional in its construction detailing and materials " says levy. "it s an overly welcoming home filled with family heirlooms from france pieces from ikea and little pieces of salvaged shabby sublime that got caught in our nets. " at a unadorned glance who ine here: francois & julie levy and their kids olivier (15 years old) chloe (thirteen) & eliane (nine) area: guadalupe group of east austin texas size: 2 000 sq.

feet; four 2 francois_before exterior before: the station was in beautiful bad shape while circle of relatives bought it. "as far as we all know train once constructed around 1904 probability even a decade later. when moved house unadorned aficionado approached us & shared one-sheet set operating drawings for development from " levy says. "in 1986 it no longer use railroad sold town granger $10 if they might move off rail line.

". Floor. . traditional through kara mosher after: wanted within guadalupe neighborhood austin and saved an out old homes or es convert.

"one weekend i took children up dallas see family julie later joined by means teach foreshadowing what come says francois levy. "we drove together alongside same path preventing on houses she had spied along best way teach. none them actually bore shut scrutiny but texas noticed that depot been couple block tracks. ".

Floor. tours , eclectic homes , before and afters. sleeping in a unadorned train station isn t most often an enviable affair unless it s a remodeled four -bedroom good looks filled with circle of relatives heirlooms.