» » Mo home sliding doors Tour: sliding doorways open up a unadorned small e in new york city

Mo home sliding doors Tour: sliding doorways open up a unadorned small e in new york city

justin venk used to be nonetheless in grad for inside gn while amanda bresler bought an apartment in his development in ny's chelsea community. when bresler who works for the corporate that makes candy revenge liqueur noticed venk's rental she fell in love together with his style and requested him take fee of remodeling her place. so venk spent a unadorned y attending cl right through the day and operating on bresler's much less-than-450-sq. -foot at night.

it took goodbye as a result of venk did all of the work himself together with ripping off sheetrock expose a unadorned brick wall construction custom furniture and shelves gning & building light fixtures and getting rid of a unadorned wall open the living room the alcove bedroom. homss tour: colourful and open in lower than 450 sq. ft at a unadorned glance who ation here: amanda bresler svp for maurice cooper. Door.

. contemporary lounge by way of side 14 studio after: venk ripped off the drywall divulge brick. he then painted walls ceiling & trim behr' ine gallery white. "i use it lot.

is nice softer white with bit gray it. i pops beautiful great out being overly superwhite " says. gned built wooden cabinets lighting fixture. also labored make selection furniture items that have compatibility youthful entertaining vibe she was going for.

huge artwork over h once semicom ed from artist victor lli has big portfolio images paints on best of. decided this photograph crimson paint color so would complement fabrics ows e. blue saarinen executive chairs: ; sofa: abc carpet. Door.

tours , apartments , midcentury style. a wall teardown and customized add extra options for dwelling and pleasing in a 450-sq. -foot condo.