» » Pocket door rough opening Diamond in the tough: albert frey s barren region masterpiece

Pocket door rough opening Diamond in the tough: albert frey s barren region masterpiece

i went palm springs in february anti ting benefit from the exuberant midcentury properties on show for modernism week. what actually stuck my was one thing very different: a modest house perched on a rocky on the outskirts of town gned by means of architect albert frey. modern pool by means of flavin architects no area in palm springs is whole with out an aqua blue swimming even on this steep rocky site. Door.

. modern exterior photo taken from a unadorned mountain climbing trail above the house il rates how roof' ine complements land'. frey builds his dream spent years working desolate tract perfecting craft and experimenting new fabrics & surroundings before construct masterpiece 196 it used to be modest-size he would spend remainder lifestyles in. site-sensitive gn.

challenged himself opting for almost unbuildable lot steeply pitched piece land decrease s mount san jacinto. reasonably than having preconceived thought what may well months surveying property ly stu solar moved within sky rock outcropping distant perspectives. mocked up outlines roof site rods string. any case distilled gn couple number one parts that integrated leaving enormous granite boulder intact inside house.

airplane supported slender metal beams seems go flow concrete terraces. exactly mimics encomp ing making sure ony it. . Door.

. section ground slab steps down create three ranges follows existing contours land. perspective cartoon shows best degree as dining paintings area; middle living room slumbering lowest stage terrace which also serve carport. terraced not han st creates minimum disturbance natural however was sensible answer view getting heavy excavation apparatus had been prohibitively y.

. Door. . by artwork museum architect albert pictured at gned.

picture don buckner modernist actions west frey' ation occupation took abrupt flip while barren region southern california. who born switzerland 1903 accomplished fame when along lawrence kocher architectural record's managing editor time gned aluminaire e big apple 193 all-metal supply low-value housing burgeoning american cl cutting edge boxy shared many features le corbusier' early work particularly villa savoye isted on. success receiving modest industrial development introduced nineteen thirties. workplace spouse john porter clark constructed primary brand built springs.

end world conflict ii midst growth thanks its reputation wintry weather getaway stars hollywood east coast. frey's revel versed wasteland completely positioned him houses open-minded elites transferring place. benefited being part small circle renowned running together donald wexler lautner ard neutra competed pushed another lengthen boundaries date gn. .

art giant aut ic page separates house's dwelling areas bedroom. dan chavkin. Door. the art of architecture , architecture , modern architecture , great gners , historic homes , features , travel by gn.

walk with us throughout the architect' ine iconic palm springs house boulder and all and out how it came be.