» » Sliding doors room dividers Tour: a sliding wall flip a residing e into five rooms

Sliding doors room dividers Tour: a sliding wall flip a residing e into five rooms

gramercy park is a small gorgeous personal fenced-in park in long island. it is just open citizens living within the surrounding new york city community. and despite residing in a crumbling kitchenless 390-square-foot apartment in gramercy this school professor wasn't approximately surrender his key the park a newer higher unit in a less- rable group. so he started looking at ways make his microunit studio feel more like a unadorned one-bed room apartment with a real kitchen now not just the s of counter and sink he'd been living with & e where he may just entertain work from home & tv in bed.

after stumbling upon media coverage of architect michael chen' ation "unfoldingandquot; rental the professor knew he had solicit chen's help. ://st. homss. com/static/gif/5to1_600.

gifandquot;> at a glance area: gramercy community of big apple who s here: a college professor size: 390 sq. toes (36. 2 sq. meters); 1 rest room the architect replied with a customized-made storage piece with a sliding tv wall that serves a couple of purposes.

the homeowner can slide it one facet of the living room and have open floor e for exciting. slide it the other & he is got a unadorned divider wall for a unadorned bedroom. the tv swivels so he can it from the settee on one side or his bed on the different. the storage unit also has a dry bar computing device and closet all of which is able to come life or recede into the shadows depending on the place the house owner positions the sliding wall.

tours , small es , small homes , remodeling guides ,. a artful customized storage piece trans ine this new york city microstudio into more than one dwelling es.